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A. W. Edwards Elementary School  

Title I Program and REI
AWE is a School Wide Title I School, which means all teachers are Title I teachers and all students are Title I students. Title I is federally funded and is based on the school free and reduced lunch program.

The REI Team is an integral part of the Title I Program at Arthur W. Edwards. The REI (Regular Education Instruction) Team is comprised of two teachers, certified in the areas of reading, elementary education, and special education. One team member is a National Board Certified Teacher. The members of the REI Team are Pam Dorman and Kathy Goforth. Tracie Snell and Christie Bonacci are also integral parts of the team. This team works specifically with students by using research based interventions to improve student learning.

Brandy Mills is the Title I School Parent Representative to the Craven County Title I Parent Council. She attends meetings held throughout the school year. Jo Previe is the coordinator for the Parent Resource Center.

A Parent Resource area is housed in the Media Center. Books, pamplets and videos on various topics are available for checkout. Parents may check-out "FROG" games to play with their child at home. These games reinforce reading and math skills. In addition, parent trainings are offered through the Parent Academy program. See Special Programs link for additional information.
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