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G. C. Fields Middle School  

Mrs. Caraway's Page @ Grover C. Fields Middle School
Education Symbol 1 2010 - 2011--- AIG - Academically and Intellectually Gifted
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Welcome to the Grizzly AIG webpage. Students identified as AIG and receiving Differentiated Services are actively engaged in enrichment activities and projects requiring higher order thinking skills.

Caraway About Your AIG Teacher

I am native of New Bern and reside in Trent Woods with my husband and two sons. I graduated from East Carolina University with a degree in Elementary Childhood Education and a minor in Title I Reading K-12. Later on I received my AIG certification through the Craven County Schools. In 1987, I began teaching with the Jones County School System and years later.... my career took a different career path....a Craven County one! In 1995, I was offered an AIG position with Craven County Schools and have loved it ever since!! During the past twelve years, I have taught students at both the elementary and middle school levels. How lucky can a teacher be...given the opportunity to teach some students over a six year span!! I truly enjoy teaching, learning, and sharing ideas with my students and fellow teachers. I guess I am what you would call a "life-long learner" since I learn something new every day.

A+ AIG MIssion Statements

Craven County AIG Mission Statement
The Gifted Education Program in Craven County Schools will meet the academic and social/emotional needs of gifted students by presenting an enriched curriculum, nurturing underserved populations, facilitating staff development, and maintaining open communication.

Grover C. Fields Middle School Mission Statement
The mission of GCF is to provide opportunities for success and enrichment for every identified student by introducing and implementing quality educational concepts to our school community in order to meet or exceed customer expectations.

Books 05 Middle School Gifted Education Options

Grouping Within Teams
Students are grouped by ability(based on EOG scores, grades and teacher recommendations) for Math and/or English Language Arts within their team of teachers and receive accelerated instruction and/or advanced content.

Grouping Across Teams/Subject Grouping
Students are grouped by ability(same criteria as above) across the teaching teams. This may occur if there are multiple teams but only one high level class and could be done to balance the teams by ability. (i.e. there are two teams but only one Pre Algebra class).

Resource Services
At the elementary level, this was called Socratic Scholars. It is the highest level of AIG services and students work with the AIG Specialist at least once a week on units designed around the North Carolina Standard Course of Study that enrich their regular curriculum.

Resource Support
This option is designed to help the underachieving gifted student who has the ability to do well in school but is not demonstrating high performance in their classes. Students receiving Resource Support should be developing study skills and social skills as well as working in areas that are likely to motivate them to become high achievers.

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