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J. W. Smith Elementary School  

Welcome to Mrs. White's Kindergarten Class
firehouse Our Class Vision and Mission Statements
Our class vision is: We want to be ready for First Grade.

Our class mission is: We want to learn and have fun by listening, learning, working together and helping each other.

diane3 Meet Mrs. White
E-mail Mrs. White
Hi! Welcome to the Wonderful World of Kindergarten. My name is Diane White and I live near the community of Jasper. I've lived there for 25 years. This is the area where I grew up as a child. I love the community and the people. This is my seventh year teaching Kindergarten at James W. Smith Elementary School, but this is my 26th year with Craven County Schools. Before teaching Kindergarten I was a Technology Facilitator for Craven County Schools working with elementary teachers. I have a wonderful assistant named Rhonda Parrish.

Rhonda Meet Mrs. Parrish
E-mail Mrs. Parrish
This is my assistant Rhonda Parrish. This is her first year in kindergarten. She is a valuable asset to our classroom and our school.

puzzles Puzzle Time
A Kiya and Leonard are putting together puzzles during center time. Puzzles help students develop fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination to assist with reading and writing. WOW, and they just think they are playing.

farm petting A Day at the Farm
We went on a field trip to "A Day at the Farm" in Cove City. In this picture students are petting a rabbit. We went on a hayride, learned about different farm animals and made butter. Our class had an awesome time!

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